Diva Mvsa

Concept and Design

Diva Musa is a fragrance expressively dedicated to Eleonora Duse: a much divine glory, lover, muse, and the Poet's absolute poetical inspiration.

Forged by dreams on a gilded anvil, a simulacrum that is the last breath of the immortal fates and secrets; Diva Musa is the ever-glowing and multiple radiance that embodies all women within itself: Phaedra, Antigone, Electra, Francesca da Rimini, and Medea. It is dedicated to a woman who embodies all these legends. It incorporates the sense of tragedy, of nostalgia, and of melancholia.

It is a fragrance that radiates light and voluptuousness. It is the animal instinct, the noble signature, an immense soul caged in a glass sphere. 

Diva Musa is the enigma, Diva Musa is the mystery.

It is an inflamed sky, a vibrant aura, an indefinable atmosphere. It is the sacred spirit of the regal.



Diva mvsa


This sensual composition is a homage to Eleonora Duse, divine and revolutionary actress and muse of theater dramas in Europe and in America.

The inspiration was the queen of the flowers - the beguiling rose. An exceptional floral bouquet of rose, transparent lily of the valley and narcotic jasmine is mingled with a modern chypre accord.

Sparkling bergamot give freshness with fruity touches of raspberry leaves. The opulent base enchantes with precious white woods, powdery tonka and sweet vanilla bean, diffusive amber, and sheer musk