Il Piacere

Concept and Design

Il Piacere is the perfume of the vibrant, of the ever-living flesh. It is the glory of the inimitable worldly art, it is the celebration of a luxury from another era.

With its sensual note, Il Piacere advances through the motions of a passion that involves bodies, apparels, accessories, opulences, atmospheres, vibrating souls, and moods. In its wholeness it lives, it feels. Intense and round, with an antiquity-like afterglow that is reminiscent of the perfumery art of the 16th century, Il Piacere is an eulogy to joyful voluptuousness. It entices you to devour it and simultaneously to let it embrace you with its countless tones of crimson, of bursting fire.

It breathes everywhere and everywhere it embraces. Its note is dense and copious, its melody is intoxicating.



Il Piacere


In the emotion's garden, Nature blooms copious in grace and portray a female and passionate figure.

Gentle Neroly's “overture” excites its elegance and shine with the inebriant Jasmine and the aromatic Mate;

The scented heart blossom in the name of the most precious and regal Rose and becomes more mysterious and enchanting with the Cypriol and Guaiac's accords blending a woody paint.

Treasure of base Notes blur the composition in a depth, sweet, traditional musky trail.