to be rose blossom

Concept and Design

The concept of To Be Rose Blossom interprets a classic combination of two elements, skulls and flowers, specifically roses. This combination became a popular theme in tattooing and subsequently in the fashion world. It is inspired by the manifold meanings of these elements: eternity, change, and mystery represented by the skull, along with life and joy represented by flowers. Together, skulls and flowers create a powerful and fascinating image.

to be rose blossom


To Be Rose Blossom is a fragrance for a non-conventional woman who loves to seduce with her free spirit.
The shining top of the fragrance mix  sunny citrus notes of yellow mandarin with fruity sparklingness notes of pear. 
An intoxicating bouquet of indian jasmine, gardenia and heliotrope blooms into the heart of the fragrance warmed up by notes of liquorice. 
The enveloping drydown of sensual woods, vanilla, amber and musk amplifies the extraordinary sillage of the fragrance. Olfactory Family: Floriental










To Be Rose Blossom


Eau de Parfum 125 ml & 75 ml & 40 ml